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Your Crew Friday, November 27, 2020   
  Viking Dream Wins!

at the Annual BVI Charter Yacht Show for the 2009 / 2010
AND NOW ALSO FOR THE 2010 / 2011 Season,
‘Viking Dream’ has won 'Best Multihull in Show up to 50ft in Length'!

This is judged by the Charter Industry Yacht Brokers, and is based on the condition and standard of amenities of the yacht, plus The Crew's reputation based on feedback from guests on the yacht, and the overall Charter Experience that the crew and the yacht provide.


    Traveller by Sea

 Viking is Norse for ‘Traveller by Sea’, which could not be more apt to describe our passion for sailing and travel. Mark and Sally look forward to welcoming you on board ‘Viking Dream’ for your very own Caribbean sailing adventure.

Throughout our many years together, our passion for sailing, travel, nature and outdoor pursuits have been the hub of our relationship. In 2001 we embarked on an invigorating world tour for 12 months. We travelled extensively through America, Canada, Alaska, Peru, Australia & New Zealand, returning over Asia and Europe. Our yachting experience includes cruising in Croatia, Greece, Turkey, the Caribbean, the Whitsundays, Malaysia and Thailand. Not to mention UK waters and a Transatlantic crossing! On returning from travelling, we decided to turn a leisure activity we love into a lifestyle.

Many of our guests, who return again and again, comment on our love, knowledge, and respect for each other, our environment and for these beautiful Islands. They are also pleasantly surprised to say they arrived on ‘Viking Dream’ to two strangers, but left two good friends. Especially enjoying our humour and love of life, as well as our attention to detail and seamless teamwork. There are many remarks about how they have ‘not felt so relaxed in years’, and have ‘never laughed so much’! Please read our ‘Guest Comments’ page!

Cruising the islands and seeking out that idyllic palm fringed bay, where the sea, the sky and the sand invoke that feeling of total tranquillity, and being at one with nature, is what we love to share with our guests.

If you’d like to learn about sailing we’re both qualified instructors and love to impart our knowledge, but are equally happy to pass you a cushion and bring you an iced drink while we sail the yacht!

Beautiful Colours of the Caribbean Sea

We are also very passionate about food and presenting our guests with fine cuisine, wines and cocktails. Sally’s dishes are an exceptional variety of styles, reflecting her extensive travels and experience of different cultures. Mark’s cocktails are legendary, both self styled and classics. We are also known as ‘Captain Cocktail’ and ‘Sally in the Galley’!

    Your Crew - Mark and Sally

Mark - You’ll find me in the water as much as on it, and I love to lead guided snorkelling safaris. Pointing out the amazing richness and variety of fish and wildlife the Caribbean Islands have to offer. I also love to fish and delight in helping you tempt a nice Tuna or Mahi-Mahi to your lure, or a Bonefish to your fly. When at anchor you may like to take some tuition from me on learning to Windsurf. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to assist a total novice in getting up and sailing with a little guidance and encouragement.

Sally - Having sailed with my Father from before I could walk and having helped my Mum in the kitchen from an early age I’ve always had a passion for sailing and food. Graduating from University in Food Technology I have loved creating dinner parties and varied social events or taking part in competitive sailing. I aspire to ensure our guests are able to relax, enjoy good cuisine, and have lots of fun experiencing The Caribbean on their dream vacation.We have always gelled as a team. Guests enthuse about our professionalism, hospitality, good humour and desire to live life to the full.

We excel at being ‘Great Hosts’ and creating personalised, ‘Unforgettable Vacations’.

Let us help you…‘LIVE THE DREAM’



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